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Would you like to “find” that extra $25-$50 per month or week that can help you get out of debt and/or on your way to a successful retirement?


Does your spouse or somebody else in your life handle all the finances?  That may be convenient, but is it because you lack the confidence yourself?  What would happen if you needed to take over in a pinch?


Does every get rich quick scheme or lottery ticket have you dreaming about what life could be like, if only……?  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just throw them away without a second thought?


Do you have insurance?  Do you understand why you need insurance and to what degree?  Could your finances see you through an unexpected catastrophe?  Are you sure?


Maybe you have been investing in a 401K (403B) plan at work, but with the recent twists and turns of the market you are unsure of what steps to take next.  

There are four key focus points of personal finance.  Following are examples of how we have successfully assisted our clients and may be of service to you:


·       Creating a monthly budget to develop a savings plan and payoff debt.

·       Educating college bound students about personal finances throughout college.

·       Personal bookkeeping with financial software such as Quicken or QuickBooks.



·       Performing needs analysis to determine appropriate amounts of insurance.

·       Educating clients on their risk potential and ways to minimize them.

·        Shopping for insurance.


·    How and where to save for your child’s college education.

·        Setting savings goals and achieving them.

·       The details of buying/refinancing your home.



·       Determining your needs and funding your retirement.

·       Annual review of assets in 401(k)/403(b).

·       Strategies for investing and managing your money.

The simple truth is that everyone needs financial education at some point in life.  We already know it is not taught in school and the Brokerage/Insurance/Mortgage professionals we could turn to always have something to sell.  You need an unbiased, informed, and affordable financial resource.  

Financial Resources is designed to provide personal financial planning and education to help clarify 401Ks (403Bs) and IRAs, accumulate savings, set budgets, reach goals, and take steps toward financial security.  Whether you need our more structured financial planning or our in-home tutoring just to iron out some of the wrinkles in your finances, we provide you the answers and support for you to become financially independent.

When it comes to your finances:  Know what you are doing, but even more importantly know why you are doing it!  We are not money managers and we do not have any products to sell, we are teachers and educators that can give you the missing pieces to taking control of your finances.


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