Are personal finances distracting your workers?  

Would you like to provide a benefit to your employees that is low cost to you and indispensable to them?

Consumer Credit Counseling Service found that “employees experiencing financial stress wasted 13 percent of the workday dealing with money matters on the job” according to HR Magazine (8/2001).  In a 250-day work year, that would be 33 full days spent on an employee’s personal finances instead of their work.

 What do the following have in common?  

Lowered Productivity                                   Increased Absenteeism

            Diminished Physical Health                         Higher Accident Rates           

They are all symptoms of personal financial struggles.  Employers can make a difference by taking a three-pronged approach to alleviate and minimize these issues.  Through financial education, credit counseling, and employee assistance programs, employers will see the difference.

Financial Resources is designed to provide personal financial planning and education to help clarify 401Ks and IRAs, accumulate savings, set budgets, reach goals, and take steps toward financial security.  Through various combinations of lectures, seminars, and personal consultations to small business owners and their employees we provide a service that will impact your bottom line now and in the future.  Whether a person is struggling with their finances or could simply use some specific targeted information on personal finances, we provide the education and support needed.  No matter what size your company is, we have options available to make a difference.

Please call us to discuss how your company will benefit or with any questions you may have.

Give your team the reward of feeling certain in an uncertain time.  Maybe you should do the same for yourself.