Our Mission

We strive to provide a comprehensive, yet specific explanation of an individual's personal finances.  Our intention is to provide support and encouragement for our clients so that they can feel more comfortable and in control of their own and their family's personal goals.

Company Profile

"I have spent a large portion of my life discussing the personal needs of my clients.  Every client, whether they had a million dollars in the bank or just started their first job seems to be looking for the same thing.  To give it a name, I would call it financial security.

I believe that every individual is capable of understanding all the components of financial success and I started Financial Resources in order to prove that."          - Chris Moriarty, AFC

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Financial security comes from the understanding of where you have been and where you are going.  Although many people may believe that financial security increases as your salary increases, this is just simply not true.  It comes from the knowledge that certain measures are in place to help you reach your goals and the courage and direction to make changes when life throws you a curve ball.  We believe knowledge equals security.

Financial Resources guides you through a learning process in regard to your personal finances and provides the support and encouragement to help you see it through.  We educate based on the individual needs and not on the "ruling principles" of personal finance.